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  • What do elderberries taste like?
    The Black American Elderberry has a tart yet somewhat sweet taste, making them quite versatile in how they can be consumed!
  • Where are you located?
    Northwest Indiana. Our 12 acre farm is located here in Lebanon, IN.
  • How do I use/take elderberry syrup?
    Elderberry syrup can be used in so many ways! Our favorite is pairing 3Tbs with a glass of hot water to make a delightful elderberry tea to enjoy before bed (especially in cold/flu season). You can take our elderberry syrup straight. It's suggested to take 1Tbs daily, or when cold symptoms arise to take 1Tbs up to four times daily. For children under 12yo it's suggested to take 1-2 teaspoons daily for maintenance and up to 4teaspoons when fighting a cold/flu. Heat up and use for pancakes or waffles. You could also do a 50/50 mix of elderberry syrup and maple syrup! These are just a few ideas of many! If you have a favorite way you like to use our syrup let us know and tag us on our social media page!
  • What are the benefits of Elderberries?
    Black elderberries have been studied most widely as a treatment for the viral flu. Scientists believe that the berry stimulates the immune system’s chemical responses, bringing relief from flu symptoms and possibly shortening its duration. Elderberries might also help reduce symptoms of the common cold. A study conducted with air travelers suggested that taking black elderberry extract lessened the length and severity of a cold. Numerous studies have suggested that antioxidants protect your body’s cells from damage by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable particles in the body that can damage cells and eventually lead to cancer. Black elderberries have about 10 times the amount of antioxidants as most other berries, and eating them may lower your cancer risk. Zelman, K. M., RD, MD, LPH (2023, March 23). Health Benefits of Black Elderberry. Nourish by WebMD. Retrieved June 12, 2023, from
  • How can I order frozen berries or syrup?
    Currently waiting until the end of harvest 2023 season before we go live with online ordering. However, if you are interested in purchasing before flu season, just reach out via email and we can get you what you need!
  • Where do you get your elderberries from?
    We grown our own elderberry plants on our private farm here in Lebanon, Indiana. It is a joy and blessing to be able to work with our hands outside and provide the highest quality berries to our customers.
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